Dryer Vent Cleaning


How many of us have paid attention to all the debris that is collecting in our dryer vent? Did you know that an unclogged dryer vent is vulnerable to fire-related accidents? The longer you take to act on it, the more exposed you are to the risk of being caught in a fire that started due to lint clogged in the vent. According to startling statistics provided by US Fire Administration, as many as 13000 incidents of fire are being reported on a yearly basis and all of these fires have been a direct result of unclean vents. Other than that, you are not only at a risk of fire but your dryer vent can also cause other problems such as additional pressure on energy, carbon monoxide buildup, and mold formation.

Elgin IL Air Duct Cleaning is a leading provider of duct and vent cleaning solution. We have educated the local community about importance of dryer vent hygiene for years and will continue to lead by example in the future as well. If you need turnkey cleaning services for your dryer vent in Elgin, IL, all you need to do is call 224-347-4743 and avail the services.

Why you can never ignore a clogged dryer vent?

It’s highly unsafe:If you do not clean your dryer vents from time to time, the lint gets accumulated and obstruct the airflow from the dryer to the vent outside your premises. As a result, your dryer may get overheated and result in a fire. At the same time, lint is also highly flammable and even a smallest spark can lead to a raging fire accident. However, by removing lint, you can reduce the chances of being in a fire-related event.

It is unhealthy: Lint accumulation can interfere with indoor air flow that can get damp and humid, providing the perfect environment for the mold to grow and spread across the house. At the same time, people who use a gas dryer are exposed to even greater danger of a carbon monoxide leak caused due to clogged vents that put undue pressure on the ventilation system. This is why it is important to clean the air ducts so that the fungus and other airborne contaminants can be removed from the air ducts.

It can compromise your dryer’s efficiency: When a dryer vent is blocked, it can impact the efficiency of the heating system used to dry your clothes. This increased temperature is also detrimental for clothes. In fact, when the components of your dryer are exposed to heat for a long time, they may start malfunctioning after a period of time. So to be able to keep your dryer vents clean, you need to ensure that your dryer does not excess power or overheat.

Three signs that your vent is choked

  1. Too much lint on your clothing or dried clothes
  2. Extreme heating or frequent breakdowns
  3. More time to dry clothes

Call Elgin IL Air Duct Cleaning at the first sign of trouble:

Elgin IL Air Duct Cleaning has a team of specialized technicians who are equipped with advanced tools to clean your dryer vents and ensure that the fabric lint is not even a tiniest speck of lint left behind after cleaning.

We also employ industrial grade vacuum cleaners that successfully remove all debris and caked lint. Additionally, we also check the vents thoroughly to look for other problems that can affect the air flow. As an extra step, our experts at Elgin IL Air Duct Cleaning will also decontaminate your vents and also install pest-proof covers to prevent pests from invading the ducts.

Our dryer vent cleaning services include:

  • Elgin IL Air Duct Cleaning Elgin, IL 224-347-4743Visual Inspection
  • Measurement of vents
  • Removal of debris and clog
  • Sanitization
  • Booster Fan cleaning
  • Lint Screen cleaning
  • Multi-Unit Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

And more

So what are you waiting for? Call us at 224-347-4743 today and sign up for regular cleaning!