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Your HVAC system never goes to sleep, be it summers or winters. By working perfectly, it makes your home a relaxing place for you in all seasons. However, the most crucial thing that contributes to its optimal functioning is the duct. You may not know this but a duct is an air distribution system where all the tubes and wires are laid down to make it function properly. However, if these ducts are not installed properly, they can lead to leaks and contaminants creeping into your HVAC unit that can significantly alter its performance. If you do not wish to shave years off your air conditioning, then you need to talk to the experts at Elgin IL Air Duct Cleaning who can help you in maintaining and installing the complex ductwork. We are a reputed company in Elgin, IL known for its quick service and affordable solutions. If you are looking for quality services at the prices that suit your pocket, then you need to call at 224-347-4743.

We cater to:

Residential clients

Did you know that an average home can collect as much as 40 pounds of debris that is made up of dust and allergens? If the recent study is any indication, then you lose up to 30% of the air due to leaks or poorly laid ductwork. These figures show how important it is to maintain your duct and to keep it clean. To know more about the importance of ducts and its maintenance, you should speak to our experts at Elgin IL Air Duct Cleaning. We are the most trusted residential air duct service provider that provides homeowners end-to-end services to maintain healthy indoor air quality. At the same time, our experts can also help clear the existing impurities from your ductwork that gets trapped inside your vents.

Commercial clients

We not only service the residential clients in Elgin, IL, but also provide one-stop-shop solutions to our commercial clients. You can rely on us to maintain your air ducts and clean the contaminants from your ducts and also prevent any loss of energy due to improper installation of ductwork. We are experts of maintaining the air ducts and also ensure that all leaks are removed to restore the health of your HVAC unit. You can always rely on our expert guidance to improve your indoor air quality. Call us today on 224-347-4743.

Air Duct Cleaning

Many people falsely believe that the air inside our homes is cleaner than the one we breathe outside. However, the truth, as revealed by Environmental Protection Agency, is that the indoor air pollution is sometime as high as 5 times higher than the air outside. The air inside your premises is mixed with pollen, dust, allergens, bacteria, and other impurities that are making you very sick. You are not only risking your own health but also that of others in your property by not acting on it. Add to this an unclean AC that sputters impure air, adding on to the already existent indoor air pollution. Click here to read more...

Dryer Vent Cleaning

How many of us have paid attention to all the debris that is collecting in our dryer vent? Did you know that an unclogged dryer vent is vulnerable to fire-related accidents? The longer you take to act on it, the more exposed you are to the risk of being caught in a fire that started due to lint clogged in the vent. According to startling statistics provided by US Fire Administration, as many as 13000 incidents of fire are being reported on a yearly basis and all of these fires have been a direct result of unclean vents. Other than that, you are not only at a risk of fire but your dryer vent can also cause other problems such as additional pressure on energy, carbon monoxide buildup, and mold formation. Click here to read more...

Air Duct Sealing

Have you ever faced a situation where you had to pay significantly high energy bills for an air conditioner that barely cools? While you may think your HVAC unit has run its course, but that may not always be the case. Sometimes, when your air ducts are not properly installed or have leaks and fissures, then your AC will not work optimally. So before you rush into buying a new HVAC, call a specialist at Elgin IL Air Duct Cleaning to inspect the source of problem. Our experts will be able to tell exactly what is wrong with your AC and will be able to fix it in no time. Click here to read more...

Air Quality Services

Have you ever stopped to consider the quality of air inside your house? The funny thing is that despite its importance, very few people actually even think about it. But if the dismal surveys are any indication, then it is one of the things that should be on your priority list! If you think that the air you breathe inside your house is cleaner than the one you breathe outside, then you are not the only one! However, did you know that indoor air can actually be as bad as the outdoor air, if not more? The air inside your homes is heavy with allergens and harmful bacteria that can directly affect your health and that of others living in your home! As a matter of fact, air quality can take further beating in closed spaces such as office cubicles. Therefore, it is important to get your indoor air checked and come face-to-face with the rude reality of it!  Click here to read more...

Air Duct Installation

Doesn't matter if you are planning to buy a new home or thinking of upgrading from your old air conditioner, installing a new air duct is a lot of work that can only be handled by someone who understands how it is done. Air duct installation requires meticulous planning, designing, and picking the right material. If you have an air duct installation task ahead of you, then make sure you speak with a professional. Click here to read more...